Firmware Update - AblegridAudio

Firmware Update

Recently, we've found that our earbuds have some bugs so that we release this tips for you.

Updated from version to version, we've repaired some bugs as following:
1. Fix: Earbuds get stuck
2. Fix: Earbuds couldn't pair randomly
3. Optimization: Earbuds don't work
4. Optimization: Software Code

Please Update the firmware as following.(*Note that it is only compatible with Android Phones)
1. Download updated zip on your computer or mobile phones via

2. Extract files to Local folder on PCs or mobile phones.

3. Transfer Folder to Mobile Phones through USB Cable.(Only for Computer)

4. Click AudioConnect_Realtek.apk to finish installing on your mobile phones

5. After installation, return to firmware Update Folder to Move documents ended with bin to folder ota.

6. Take out right earbuds, Connect to Bluetooth, Open AudioConnect App and update right one as following shown.

7.Take out left one, Connect to Bluetooth, Open AudioConnect App and update left one as following shown.

8. Reset earbuds for better experience.
① Take earbuds out of charging cabin and turn them off manually.
② 4 seconds later, press and hold 12s from turning them on to turning them off.
③ Put into charging cabin after 3 seconds and wait for another 3 seconds to reset earbuds.

Any Confused, contact