FAQs - AblegridAudio


1. Q: The earbuds cannot turn on automatically when I dropped them out of charging cabin.
    A: Check whether the electricity of charging cabin has run out or the earbuds have been put into wrong position.

2. Q:It seems that the right earbud ran out sooner than the left one.
    A: The right one is the host earbud, which causes a lot of power consumption on data transmission. 

3. Q: After one-hour charging, I found that it could not last for 3-4 hours.
    A: Do not put it into an over-high / over-low temperature for it may limit battery lifespan. Battery duration will gradually decrease with repeated usage and age. Battery life also varies depending on the storage method, conditions of use and environmental factors.

4. Q:It is said that the earphones have noise reduction function but ambient noise isn't reduced when I put them on.
    A: Please adjust headphone's position. Headphones may be incorrectly positioned into ears. Furthermore, ambient noise may not be synchronized with noise-cancelling frequency.

5. Q: I have made connection with my smartphone for many times, but it failed.
    A:The earbuds haven’t entered pairing status yet or they are under lower power.

6. Q: There is a noise in the earbuds or the receiver appears to be in a low voice when talking.
    A: Check whether the earbuds is worn properly or there is some other external electronic magnetic field interference. 

7. Q: I confronted that voice signal was interfered when I communicated with my friends. 
    A: The interference of human signal may lead to disconnecting with earphones, causing noise or signal intermitted. Perhaps it may disconnect with BT when you're exercising. Therefore, you'd better put the earbuds on the same side of your mobile phone.

8. Q: I found that the sound has become distorted when I listened to music for a long time.
    A: You’d better check whether the earbuds are of sufficient power or not.

9. Q: When I entered monaural mode, it seemed that I'd disconnected from the earbuds?
    A:First, please check whether you're in a compact environment. If so, it would have unstable signal; besides, if your hair is too long, it would prevent signal from intermitting.

10.Q: How far does the BT signal pick up?
     A: The working range is 33 feet without any interference. Based on your description, BT transmission would be affected by wireless signal around and barriers.