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True Wireless Earbuds Theory

True Wireless Earbuds Theory

August 09, 2019 1 Comment

Have you bought true wireless earbuds? What is true wireless and why should you use them? We’re here to help you make a decision on what might be best for your needs.

Wireless headphones can be used for a variety of activities, including gaming systems, smart phones, computers, TVs, and other newer electronic devices. They are used around the world each day by people while working out, watching TV at night without waking others, listening to music during a lecture, and people generally enjoying the freedom that wireless headphones give. Below is everything you need to know about True Wireless headphones in 2019.

WHAT is “True” Wireless?
The first thing you should know is pretty obvious: “wireless” and “true wireless” headphones are actually different. The important distinction is that “true wireless” headphones completely lack a cable or connector between the earpieces. “Wireless” headphones are still connected in some way (over-head like Bose, or around the back of the neck (like many sports sets), but no longer need access to a phone jack. True wireless aims to release your hands for sports.

HOW true wireless earbuds work?

How exactly do we get the music from your phone to your ears without anything between? Sounds pretty tricky, like magic! While BT connectivity may seem like a kind of wizardry, it’s actually very simple and straightforward. BT technology sends a signal kind of like an old school walkie-talkie or a radio. Your earbuds act like a TV dish, catching the signal and playing it appropriately. Just like a radio or TV, sometimes earbuds need to be adjusted in your ears to catch the signal best. 
BT has improved drastically since it’s debut, and wireless headphones can now receive CD quality audio. This, when combined with noise isolation and echo reduction and for some models, active noise cancellation, has produced great sound quality in wireless headphones. With enhanced BT, many new headphones launching in 2019 will have improved connectivity and quality.

One of the main reasons people choose to buy true wireless headphones is to eliminate the hassle of adjusting wires and being tethered to a device while working out. The majority of true wireless headphones are suitable for exercise and are water- and sweat-resistant to a certain degree. This means you can put your device down, listen to music, and enjoy having the freedom to roam or move around the gym unrestricted.

Here are True Wireless Earbuds innovated by AbleGridAudio.


① Tuning according to different frequency to create a wide audio field to indulge in a music world as live-concert.
② Applied with warm gray, Pyxis has an elegant appearance decorated with bright color and excellent texture.
③ Made of silicone material, Pyxis ear tips would be ultra-light to wear. It is suitable for long-time wearing and for outdoor activities.
④ Pyxis shall be 5-6 hours for one charge and standby for 1500 hours. With portable charging cabin, Pyxis bears 20-25 hours duration when it is on all the time.

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① Long Time Standby: Adopted with Qualcomm QCC3020 smart chip, Kanoe successfully reduces power consumption. Kanoe retains its audio performance up to 6 hours playtime, extra 18 hours playtime with charging cabin - 24 hours totally! Much longer than average True Wireless Stereo Earbuds.
② Smoother Connectivity: With the most sensitive LDS antenna, BT technology and Qualcomm QCC 3020 Solution, Kanoe offers stabler connection, smoother transmission, and fewer dropouts within 50 ft.
③ cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation & apt-X Hi-Res: Powered by cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation, AbleGrid Kanoe creates a tightly-sealed and 90% noise-cancelled environment. apt-X Hi-Res transmission which is optimized for iOS and Android devices to provide better sounding audio at similar bit rates. Driving bass, authentic Mids, and crystal-clear treble will be delivered.
④ Bilateral Connection: Qualcomm intelligent chip updated from master/slave mode of earbuds. Kanoe allows you to use either one alone or switch between mono and binaural mode without any delay. Binaural mode or mono mode, it's your call. 

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