How to Choose Earphones?

How to Choose Earphones?

August 10, 2019

Recently, we've done an investigation on people's preference towards earphones. As survey shown, most people would like to choose earphones with decent sound quality, long playtime with large battery compacity. We'll tell you to choose proper earbuds on your basic needs

Wireless Connection

Nowadays, new-released cellphones have cancelled audio holes, so wireless earphones became a prior choice for most people. Secondly, it has no cable binding so that it brings a lot convenience with wider application. It mainly realizes the sound transmission through Bluetooth Chips. With development of Bluetooth technology, true wireless earbuds deliver faster transmission, quicker connection and  decent sound quality.

Long Playtime

We consulted technicians and manufacturers to check what factors affect playtime. Experts said that long duration can be achieved through large battery capacity or lower power consumption. For example, if earbud's playtime is similiar, would you like to choose one with large charging cabin or one with lower consumption in a portable cabin. Certainly, you will prefer to select the second one.

ANC Function

If you're intoxicated about music clarity, you'd better choose ANC earphones. ANC could block 90% of ambient noise to provide you with a immersive music oasis once turned it on.

In a word, experts recommend us to choose earphones not only according to its long playtime, but also its power consumption. Besides, if you're a music enthusiast, kindly recommend you to select wireless earphones with ANC function. Thus, we have released a new True Wireless Earbuds with lower power consumption-Kanoe

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